EA Name: Wallstreet Forex Robot
Official site: wallstreet-forex.com
Trading style: 24/5 Scalping with an advanced Money Management system + 5 intelligent built-in protection system
Timeframe: M15
Price: $299(single license); $489(3 licenses)
License: 1 or 3 live accounts, unlimited demo accounts.
NFA compliance: yes
Refund policy: 60 days via Clickbank

WallstreetThe Wallstreet Forex Robot may be the perfect weapon if you are looking to automate your trades. It employs a collection of several investment strategies to find the very best trades to make any hour of the day or night. It is fully automated and can make these trades on your account when you’re offline or on vacation. Imagine having a virtual trader watching the market around the clock that would be able to spot a profitable trend and make the trade immediately.

What makes the Wallstreet Forex Robot so very different from many of its competitors is its sophistication. Unlike other simpler robots that look for very specific trends and then act, this robot can analyze a wider range of conditions to spot profitable trades that other robots miss. This means you’ll make more positive trades with the Wallstreet Forex Robot than any other product on the market and make these trades more often as well.

The program is very smart in the way it calculates the size of your position against the potential for profit. By balancing these two factors, the Wallstreet Forex Robot can virtually eliminate the bad trades that other programs make. This will not only result in higher profits for your trades, it can also ensure your portfolio is stable and increasing with each trade. In addition to the active trades The Wallstreet Forex Robot makes, it will also place a sensible stop-loss order to protect your profits. By combining these two techniques the program virtually guarantees you a profitable trade every time and limits your downside risk.

Another important feature of the Wallstreet Forex Robot that helps you stay ahead of developing trends in the market is the automatic updating feature. The program has the ability to regularly update its logic with the latest trading logic to make it even more effective. Other programs may offer a few updates as part of the purchase price but these have to be installed manually and can be difficult and time consuming to implement. With the Wallstreet Forex Robot these updates happen in the background and don’t require you to do anything. Once they install you’ll have the latest version of the software to help you make the best trades possible.

All of the competing Expert Advisor programs on the market boast about how accurate their results are against historical data and use this to prove their product is sound. While this back-testing technique is somewhat valuable to show the logic of a product is valid, it is only half the equation since it also needs to be tested with current live trades. The Wallstreet Forex Robot is one of the few products that actually does this live trading and posts the results on their website. In addition to posting the results, they have had them verified by fxbook.com so you know they’re authentic. There are also numerous testimonials on the site as well so you can see how other customers liked the product and the results they were able to achieve. If you’re looking for an Expert Advisor to help you with your trades, The Wallstreet Forex Robot may be the perfect product to give you the edge you need.

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