EA Name: PipJet
Official site: pipjet.com
Trading style: Asian session scalping.
Currency pairs: USDCAD
Timeframe: H1
Price: $97
License: 1 live account
NFA compliance: yes (with switch)
Refund policy: 60 days via Clickbank

pipjetTrading in the Forex market can seem like a risky investment to many traders because of the volatility involved with the various currency pairs. Trying to predict the changes needed to profit from this market can be hard without the help of a Forex robot to make critical decisions easier. The new Pipjet Forex robot does just that and is providing some amazing returns for the traders that have used it.

Unlike many Forex robots, the Pipjet engine narrows its focus to a single USD/CAD Forex pair. Of all the pairs available to trade, this one is different for several reasons that make it the perfect one to choose for your investments. First, it has a stable history of earning, which makes it highly predictable. This track record of pricing allows the Pipjet engine to identify the perfect time to enter and exit a position on the exchange. Another factor that makes the USD/CAD pair so profitable is its wide swings on pricing. When this currency pair starts to move it can provide an exceptional return for those traders that get in early. The Pipjet Forex robot helps you identify the best time to enter a position on this pair to derive the biggest profits from your investment.

The PipJet system was created by the same people that developed the Forex Megadroid robot and the quality of the new program shows in its results. It is one of the few robots on the market today that can back up its claims of profits with an amazing 2 years worth of details. You can see how other accounts have profited from this program and get a better feel for the potential.

What makes the PipJet robot so profitable is that unlike many other programs that focus on a number of currency pairs. The PipJet program concentrates on the USD/CAD pair alone. This currency pair has some unique advantages that you can profit from regularly if you know when to make the trades. Having the PipJet program working for you will almost guarantee you a profit when the pair goes through a pricing swing.

Another key feature of this specialized Forex robot is the support you’ll receive from the team that designed it. It is very easy to setup and you can be profiting from the program in a few minutes. You’ll also receive regular updates to the program as part of its purchase price. These updates not only make minor changes to the program itself, they also adjust for changes in the market that affect your profits. The team is constantly tuning the program and distributes these updates on a regular basis to their customers to make sure you have the latest PipJet trading strategies available.

One final factor that helps to make PipJet so powerful is its ability to help you take advantage of critical times during the trading day when this currency pair is most profitable. This program can recognize these periods and help you profit from them automatically. By balancing out your trades using the system you’ll have a more stable and profitable portfolio using the program.

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