EA Name: FapTurbo
Official site: fapturbo.com
Trading style: Asian session scalping
Timeframe: M15 for the scalper; ironically, M1 for the long term advanced strategy
EA price: $149
License: 1 live account
NFA compliance: yes (with the long term advanced strategy disabled)
Refund policy: 60 days

Fap TurboMost Forex robots are designed to advise you on what trades to make. They don’t actually do the trading for you but instead guide you on the best time and place to trade. This seems like a great strategy until you realize that you need to be ready to trade around the clock to take advantage of the constantly changing market. FabTurbo was designed to take this process one step further and place the trade for you. It can run on autopilot and generate great profits for your account no matter what time of the day or night these opportunities arise.

The advantage to the type of automated trading that FapTurbo provides is that you won’t have to understand a single thing about the Forex market to use it. Because the program is based on such amazing programming, it will find the best trading opportunities for you and make these trades automatically. You have a lot of control over when it trades, but once you set it free it will find and trade the most profitable pairs available to generate income for you. Many people using FapTurbo love the fact that the program is making them money while they sleep or are on vacation. The program is constantly scouring the Forex market and looking for opportunities to profit.

FapTurbo was designed to be easy, but don’t let this fool you. It is a very smart system and is sophisticated enough in its programming to use several proven strategies for finding the right trades. It can profit in both a declining and rising market and allows to trade around the clock if you choose. Because you don’t need to be at your computer to execute the trades by hand, the program can generate profit all night long.

The testing done on FapTurbo is very impressive when compared to other systems. Most of these other systems used a process called back-testing. This involves using the robot you’re testing to check trades that have already occurred to see which ones it would have picked. While this seems like a great testing strategy, the market is constantly changing and any robot needs to be tested with current data as well. Many of these other robots only do the back-testing and present these results as typical for their programs. This can be misleading and without seeing how well they are doing in the current market, you’ll never know if they’re worth your time. FapTurbo uses both testing methods to prove it’s one of the best Forex robots on the market today. These results are posted on the website along with testimonials from satisfied traders that have made huge profits with the program.

Regular updates are another key feature of FapTurbo that assure you’ll always make the best trades. Because the Forex market is so volatile, any robot needs to be constantly adjusted to keep up with the trading. FabTurbo is self-updating and will always use the latest trading strategies through these updates. Other programs require you to manually update them, which takes time. FabTurbo updates itself automatically when a change is made and can use the new information immediately for your trades.

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