EA Name: Megadroid
Official Site: forex-megadroid.com
Trading style: Asian session scalping.
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Timeframe: H1
EA price: $67
License: 1 live account
NFA compliance: yes
Refund policy: 60 days

megadroidAs Forex trading becomes even more popular every year, Expert Advisor programs are being released to capitalize on the trend and help investors with the selection of their trades. Many of these programs are not great programs since they rely on very narrow trading logic or cater to a very specific set of currency pairs that make them rigid for traders. Forex Megadroid is one of the few programs that really works to find the most profitable trades available in the market and can help you grow your investment.

The main reason that the Megadroid robot is so much better than its competitors is that it was designed by expert Forex traders. These traders had been making their decisions based on extensive research and just needed a way to automate these trades for them. This is why the Forex Megadroid program is so successful. It simply took the same trading logic these experienced traders were already using and incorporated it into a program that could make the trades automatically and instantly for the traders.

Most other programs have the automation part of this equation figured out but lack the experience to build the logic for the trades. They simply incorporate a single general strategy for their trading decisions and release the program to the public. While these programs may work for a short while, they lack the experience to adjust for changes in the market and will fail over time and wipe out an account.

Forex Megadroid is different because it can easily adjust its trading strategy to accommodate these shifts in the market and will always find the most profitable and safe trades. By being able to ferret out these patterns of profit, Forex Megadroid can help you substantially grow your portfolio in no time. It can be trading for you around the clock and help you know exactly when to enter and exit a position.

The basis for the Forex Megadroid program is something called Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA). This method of analyzing a currency pair’s current price against its historical highs and lows allows the program to identify a trend for profit. Once the Forex Megadroid program finds these trends, it makes the trade and watches for a profitable exit price in the position.

One other major advantage of the Forex Megadroid robot is its stealth mode of operation. It has been designed to avoid detection by brokers and appears to the broker as if you were making the trades yourself. While there is nothing illegal about using a robot like Forex Megadroid to trade for you, many brokers will limit your account if they think you are using one. Most other robots can’t help you with this and even if you find one that turns a profit for your account, your broker may limit your trading. With the Forex Megadroid product you will never have to worry about being detected and can use it to trade your account for maximum profit. Because the program varies the type of trading logic it uses to make the trades it will simply look like you’re the most experienced trader in the market as you work your way to profit.

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