EA Name: Forex Growth Bot
Official site: forexgrowthbot.com
Currency pairs: EURUSD (works on other pairs)
Timeframe: M15
Price: $129
License: 1 live account
NFA compliance: yes (with FIFO enabled)
Refund policy: 60 days via Clickbank

forex growth botThe Forex market can be a great place to make an amazing profit due to the volatility of the currency that underscores the market. Because of leverage, small changes in the price of a currency can return big profits for traders that have the foresight to invest. The challenge is in understanding what currency pairs have the potential to profit and knowing when to buy and sell them. Having a program like Forex Growth Bot working to provide these details, can help you secure these profits.

The advantage that Forex Growth Bot has over many other Expert Advisor programs is that it balances your trades with an overall stable growth strategy to ensure long-term profits for your account. Many of the other programs only care about the current trades and make their recommendations based on short-term gains. While this may seem like a great strategy, one bad trade like this could wipe put all of your profits. Forex Growth Bot looks for great trading opportunities but balances these against your overall portfolio performance to only select the ones that help you stay profitable. This means that your portfolio will continue to grow while avoiding the riskier trades. Over time this strategy will produce a larger profit for your investments.

Forex Growth Bot is so well designed that it can automatically adjust the size of the lots of currency pairs it trades on to the amount of money in your portfolio. This is a critical strategy that will keep your investments safe and allow you to automatically make larger investments as your account grows in size. It is also very strict in the timing of when it exits a trade and can save you losses by carefully adjusting its exit position to other market conditions.

The program is fully automated and easy to install. You can simply download the program after purchase, install it and point it at your broker to get started. It works well with the default settings and will automatically adjust its trades as your portfolio grows. There is also a selection of manual settings you can adjust as well if you want to further customize the program for your needs. The program can work on accounts of all sizes and you can get started with as little as $150 in your account. Forex Growth Bot was designed to automatically detect 4 and 5 digit brokers to make it easy to use. One final advantage is that Forex Growth Bot is less expensive than other programs offering similar features.

Forex Growth Bot also includes several important stealth features that customer appreciate. One in particular allows you to take profits early without your broker being notified. This is important as many brokers don’t like this and may limit your account if you do this often. Even though this is a completely legitimate and legal thing to do, some brokers don’t like it because it creates more work for them on smaller accounts. By masking this type of activity with Forex Growth Bot, you can avoid any problems with your broker and manage your investment the way you like.

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